I Play the Tuba and I Still Win in Life

There’s nothing valuable about being normal. “Normal” is easy and can be found everywhere. If you could find a diamond just by walking down the street, it wouldn’t be worth nearly as much. Same principle applies to people.

Sometimes we have to face the difficult reality that, at some point, we’re all just trying to fit in. We’re asleep at the wheel. Success comes first to those who wake themselves up.

In life, if you want to live like others can’t, you have to do what others won’t.

For me, one of those things was playing the Tuba.

If your first thought after reading that was that I’m a geek, a loser, or a fat kid with pimples, that’s OK. I’m writing this, you’re reading this, and I’m winning.

I played the tuba at request of my teacher who needed someone to fill in for a year. I said “Yes” because I loved music. The only reason I would have said “No” is for fear of being made fun of. Yet, this tuba was responsible for this first-gen college graduate. College wasn’t even in my sights until November of my senior year of high school. One last minute trip to my first Ohio State football game and the next moment I’m painting lines in my backyard, driving 400 miles a week for practice, and trying out against hundreds of other people born and bred to be there. 4 years later, I was “dotting the ‘i’” at the 2003 BCS National Championship game in Tempe, Arizona. Continue reading “I Play the Tuba and I Still Win in Life”